March is CNMI Women’s Month, Girl Scout Month

Special Events
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GENDER inequality is not an issue in the CNMI, Saipan Chamber of Commerce president Velma Palacios said before the mostly women audience at the multi-purpose center on Friday during Lt. Gov. Arnold Palacios’ signing of a proclamation designating March as CNMI Women’s Month and March 8, as International Women’s Day.

The lt. governor also signed a proclamation designating March as CNMI Girl Scout Month and March 8-14 as CNMI Girl Scout Week.

Women from various government agencies, private companies and community organizations joined the CNMI Women’s Month proclamation signing ceremony at the multi-purpose center on Friday.

In her remarks, Ms Palacios, who is a member of the planning advisory committee under the CNMI Office of Planning and Development, said they have adopted the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals, one of which is gender equality.

“I was asked…if I felt that [there is gender inequality] in the CNMI. I said ‘no’ because our culture is founded on respect,” she said. “I believe that we are a very diverse society and both men and women respect each other.”

This year’s theme is “Continue to Rise: Women Leading Sustainable Development.”

Ms Palacios said sustainable development is about finding that balance “between having respect for ourselves and respect to our future children by giving them the best world we can pass on.”

Women can lead the fight for sustainable development, she added.

In the CNMI, she said, “we must rise to lead our children and teach them the importance of respecting the land.”

Because of the important roles that women play in the community, the proclamation noted that in the CNMI, the Women’s Affairs Office and the CNMI Women’s Association are two of the institutions that help promote the interests of women, assist agencies of government and private organizations to plan and implement programs and services for women.

Girl Scouts

In signing the proclamation for the CNMI Girl Scouts, the lt. governor noted that March 12, 2020 is the 108th anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America — the largest voluntary organization in the world for girls.

Lt. Gov. Arnold I. Palacios, 2nd right, on Friday signed a proclamation designating March as CNMI Girl Scout Month and March 8-14 as CNMI Girl Scout Week. Also in photo are, standing, some of the local Girl Scouts with their troop leaders Jaki Fujihira, far left, Michelle Sablan, second right, and CNMI Girls Scout vice president Laila Boyer. Seated from left, Saipan Chamber of Commerce president Velma Palacios, first lady Diann Torres, Mrs. Wella Palacios, Lt. Governor Palacios and special advisor for Women’s Affairs Office Shirley Ogumoro.  Photos by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

“The Girl Scouts program not only reflects the enduring values and standards that have been part of the organization since 1912, but also lends itself to the special and unique situation of girls in the 21st century,” the proclamation stated.

“The Girl Scouts program has been a channel for girls of all ages to make important contributions to their communities, including in the CNMI,” it added.