IMPERIAL Pacific International is not allowed to pay its key unlicensed employees, Commonwealth Casino Commission Chairman Edward C. Deleon Guerrero said on Thursday.

Every day that IPI pays its unlicensed key employees is a daily violation of Public Law 21-38, which prohibits the casino operator from employing or paying any person not licensed by the commission, he added.

On Friday, IPI paid six security guards only for their latest pay period. As for the salaries of IPI executive office employees, they had been "outstanding" since Aug. 26, Commission Executive Director Andrew Yeom said.

He said based on IPI’s active employees status report, the casino investor has key management employees, including senior advisors, who do not have a license at this time, which is a major violation of the law and the casino regulation, Yeom added.

He said these key employees have submitted applications for registration “just so they can talk to” the commission.

Deleon Guerrero said they need to take a look into the matter with the commission's legal counsel and determine “what to do with those violations.”


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