THE Saipan  Chamber  of  Commerce  provided the following  statement  on the  impending  CW touchback  rule  and U.S. Congressman Gregorio  Kilili  Camacho Sablan’s  introduction  of  H.R.  1420 which would delay for three years the touchback provision:

“The Saipan Chamber of Commerce is extremely appreciative of U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan's introduction of H.R. 1420. We believe, in the current climate in Congress, this is the best option and the greatest success of passage through both houses of Congress” said SCC Board Director Alex Sablan.

“We're hopeful that both houses see that this is yet another piece of legislation that will help provide workforce continuity in our economy. We view this bill as ensuring that our economy will continue to grow and support the citizens of the CNMI as we all continue to recover from more than three years of an economic downturn due to pandemic-related impacts.

“We're hopeful we can make our case with Congress and assist in any way possible our Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan in its successful passage.

“H.R. 1420 will provide our employers, employees and our economy a much needed reprieve it requires to steadily grow as tourism rebounds and returns to pre pandemic numbers and while Governor Palacios and Lt. Governor Apatang work toward adding a proverbial second leg to our economic stool with the military buildup in the region and the CNMI.”

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