TRUE North Da’ Pares and the Oleai Dart Daddies were among the teams that tasted victory Thursday in the Flame Tree Thursday “B” Division of the SEDA Bud Light Dart League.

True North Da’ Pares, which withstood the venom of True North Vipers, 9-6, now has a total of 25 wins.

After splitting the opening 301 Double In/Double Out match, Da’ Pares’ Justin Mizutani and Joe San Nicolas, along with Frankling Faisao and Dan Repeki, bagged both games in the Partners Crazy Cricket match to establish control, 4-2.

The Vipers did their best to fight back but ended up splitting the next three matches while Da’ Pares won the final Team 1101 match to clinch victory, 9-6.

For their part, the Oleai Dart Daddies moved to sixth place in the team standings after gunning down the JC Serial Killers, 10-5.

The individual work of the Dart Daddies was their key to victory as they quickly took the driver's seat with a 3-1 run in the opening match thanks to Jemma “Jemz” Manibo, Ian “Rosek” Norita and Leveque Iguel.

The Serial Killers fought back but could only split the following Partners Crazy Cricket match before the Dart Daddies resumed the assault with a 2-win sweep in the following Partners 501 match and another 3-1 run in the Singles Regular Cricket match for a comfortable 9-3 lead.

Although the Dart Daddies had already secured the win, the Serial Killers continued to put up a fight, splitting the final partners match and notching the Team 1101 match to soften the blow, 5-10.

Joining the winner’s circle were the 9 Eleven Twisted Tribe which edged Jonny’s Boozeye, 8-7; the Oleai Tracy’s Smokerz who dismantled the 6JMS Premier Builders, 10-5; True North No Fear which trounced True North Labwoogh, 12-3; and the Rendezvous Dutty Gunz who slew the Rendezvous Guardians, 10-5.

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