THE Marianas International Basketball League’s inaugural Fantasy Draft basketball tournament kicked off Friday with Eats Easy edging Aqua Resort, 105-104, in overtime at the Agape Christian School gym.

Eats Easy were in control throughout most of the game, but Aqua Resort staged a blistering rally in the fourth quarter.

The opening quarter showcased Eats Easy’s wide range of offensive options. Jaymark De Guzman orchestrated the run with his ability to finish at the rim along with a decent shot from beyond the arc to deliver seven points while team mates Joseph Sablan and Arfin Chua contributed three points each.

But Aqua Resort fought back with Jack Aranda scoring six points and team mates Brad Palacios and Greg Sablan combining for eight points to cut Eats Easy’s lead 18-22

In the second half, however, Aqua Resort failed to find their rhythm with only Sablan able to penetrate through the inside to draw the fouls, score from the charity line and deliver  seven points.

 Eats Easy, for their part, continued to thrive with teamwork and consistency to extend their lead by halftime, 45-35.

In the third canto, De Guzman fired up with eight points while Eats Easy’s bench contributed buckets as well.

Aqua’s Aranda responded with an array of offensive takes that included two triples and two layups while team mate Caleb Cui delivered six points, but Eats Easy were still ahead, 66-58.

Undeterred, Aranda continued his scoring spree in the final quarter with five three-pointers while team mates Sablan and Palacios added two triples each to tie the game, 91-91, and force an overtime.

Both teams fought hard during the extra period with Aqua excelling in ball movement to create shot opportunities. However, De Guzman scored eight points and his clutch performance allowed Eats Easy to clinch the win by a point,  105-104.

AK Toyota vs Latte Built

Also earning their first win was AK Toyota which defeated Latte Built, 69-61.

AK Toyota’s Shane Deleon Guerrero exploded with 26 points while Latte Built’s Gerald also scored 26 points.

Thank you Guam Army National Guard

Before the opening games were played, the Guam Army National Guard donated a total of six balls — one ball for each team — and water bottles.

The donations were presented by  SSG Peter Alvarez who was with three recruiters and four Saipan individuals who have just joined the Guam Army National Guard.

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