Man Amigos' Derron Flores

Man Amigos' Derron Flores connects the short grounder to reach first base safely during a 2022 Budweiser Belau Amateur Softball League game at the Dandan baseball field.

MAN Amigos barely escaped with the win over Hagu Lamun, 5-4, in the 2022 Budweiser Belau Amateur Softball League on Sunday at the Dandan baseball field.

Man Amigos opened the first inning with Eric Palacios’s solo homer. The team seemed to have everything under control as they shined defensively as well, not allowing a single hit for the first three innings while adding four more runs highlighted by Bill Camacho’s 2 RBI homerun for a 5-0 lead.

Man Amigos tried to keep the defensive streak going but in the bottom of the fifth, Hagu Lamun finally broke their silence.

Hagu Lamun shut down Man Amigos. Then, in the bottom of the sixth, Rodney Camacho connected a two-run homer to cut down Man Amigos’ lead, 2-5.  

In the seventh and final inning, Hagu Lamun gave Man Amigos a much bigger scare by adding two more runs thanks to Deshawn’s solo homer along with an RBI claimed by Alan Camacho to reduce the gap, 4-5.

Hagu Lamun appeared headed to victory as two men were on base with two outs, but fortunately for Man Amigos, the line drive to left field was caught by third baseman Manny Sablan for the third and final out. Man Amigos won, 5-4.

Momma Charu vs Salty Boyz

Momma Charu also made it to the winner’s circle by defeating the Salty Boyz, 15-9.

Momma Charu was the first to put up a number on the scoreboard with an RBI by JJ Laniyo in the bottom of the first inning.

The Salty Boyz replied with a contribution play by Luis Kiyoshi for an RBI of his own, but Momma Charu added three runs to stay in the lead.

The Salty Boyz continued to put up a fight, adding more runs in the succeeding innings. However,  Momma Charu was on fire, scoring six runs in the bottom of the fourth en route to a 15-9 victory.

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