Jonny’s Boozeye and JC Serial Killaz

Jonny’s Boozeye and JC Serial Killaz pose for a photo following Thursday's match in the Flame Tree Thursday “B” Division of the SEDA Bud Light Dart League at Just Chillin' Bar.

THE 6JMS Premier Builders earned a stunning 8-7 victory over Jonny’s Ridin Darrty Thursday in the Thursday “B” Flame Tree Division of the SEDA Bud Light Dart League at Jonny’s Bar.

It was a fairly even battle from start to finish. In the opening 301 Double In/Double Out match, Peter Vidal handed Premier Builders the lead by winning the first game of the night.

Ridin Darrty then snatched the lead with Nathan Bermudes and Manny “Maneto” Ada earning two consecutive wins.

However, their spotlight was quickly taken away by the Premier Builders which snagged the final game to tie the match, 2-2.

After splitting the next two partners games, Ridin Darrty took control once again as they stood out individually with Bermudes, Joe Pangelinan and Aaron Benavente winning three of four games for a  7-5 lead.

But the Premier Builders  executed well to claim the last three points needed to steal the win, 8-7.

Other winners

Also notching a win was True North No Fear which defeated Spicy Thai Na Bali Last Dart, 9-6.

After evenly splitting the first four matches, Frances Magofna and Jess Tegita, along with Cris “Talu” Selepeo and Hector “Wathehec” Efraim, stepped up, earning a two-win sweep in the Partners Half-It match before claiming the final Team 1101 match to secure victory.

Jonny’s Boozeye, for their part, took down the JC Serial Killaz, 9-6; Rendezvous Dutty Gunz defeated Last Shot Poksusu, 10-5; and 6JMS Seikid outscored Oleai Tracy Smokerz, 10-5.

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