THE Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers on Thursday held an awards ceremony at Sugar King Park for its 2021 Marianas Village Pride campaign contests.

The Council and its campaign sponsors recognized winners of the Christmas Decorating Contest, Village Flag Art Contest, and Bus Stop Beautification Contest.

For the Christmas Decorating Contest, Kagman Elementary School won “Most Festive School,” and was awarded sports equipment valued at $1,000.

Laila Macaranas of Tinian won “Most Festive Home,” receiving a $1,000 ACE Hardware gift card.

Savory Bistro Café in Garapan won “Most Festive Business,” and was awarded a $1,000 Pacific Rainbow gift certificate.

The Tinian mayor’s office won “Most Festive Village,” winning a $1,000 ACE Hardware gift card for improvements to its village basketball court.

For the Bus Stop Beautification Contest, Marianas High School was named the top school, winning $1,000 in sports equipment.

Bistro Boyz, Tyler’s Gelatte Stone, and Smoked Out won “Top Business,” receiving a $1,000 ACE Hardware gift card.

The Village Flag Art winners are:


As Lito – Taylor John Hally, MHS

As Matuis – Randy Rabago, TMS

As Perdido – Sarim Omar, MHS

As Teo – Arsynl Tagabuel, MHS

Capital Hill – Da-Hee Clair Kim, MHS

Chalan Kanoa – Rev Doca, MHS

Chalan Kiya – Eric Mahinan, MHS

Chalan Laulau – Bwilitomwar Elias Rangamar, MHS

Chalan Piao – Julie Ann Capayas, MHS

Dandan – Maria Isabelle Achas, MHS

Finasisu – Melina Mae Faimaw, MHS

Garapan – Charlie Wang, MHS

Gualo Rai – Isaac Y. Han, MHS

Kagman – Rosemarie Faisao, MHS

Kannat Tabla – Kristina Adnas, MHS

Koblerville – Destiny Camacho, MHS

Marpi – Japhet J. Dino, TMS

Navy Hill – Jemma A. Corpuz, MHS

Oleai – Hope Odoshi, MHS

Papago – Justin Weaver, MHS

Puerto Rico – Marvin Cabrera, TMS

Sadog Tasi – Jozel Sanchez, TMS

San Antonio – Christanelle Mercado, MHS

San Roque – Andrei Arellano, TMS

San Vicente – Mikayela Arriola, MHS

Tanapag – Sherry Zhu, MHS

Tapochau – Kalista Klaver, MHS

Wireless – Allen Tambiga, MHS


Carolina Heights – Pevika Dela Cruz, TJSHS

Marpo Valley – Miyako San Nicolas, TJSHS

San Jose – Lloyd Rivera, TJSHS


I Chenchon – Princess C. Bato-On, SES

Sinapalo – Sayema A. Sidur, SES

Songsong – Mikayla P. Manga, SES

Sinapalo Elementary School garnered 380 points and was named the top elementary school, winning $5,000 from the E-Land Group.

Tinian Elementary School came in second place with 105 points, winning $5,000 from the E-Land Group.

Oleai Elementary School placed third with 70 points, earning $1,500 from the Century Insurance Company.

Kagman Elementary School, with 50 points, placed fourth, receiving $1,000 from the Century Insurance Company.

Of all of the middle and high schools throughout the CNMI, Marianas High School came in first place with a total of 22,205 points, winning $15,000 from D&Q International Distributors, POI Aviation, and Crowne Plaza Saipan.

Tanapag Middle School came in second place with 2,960 points, winning $7,000 from Saipan Marine Corporation.

Coming in third place was Francisco M. Sablan Middle School with 350 points, earning $5,000 from the Gemkell Corporation.

Tinian Jr. Sr. High School, with 180 points, came in fourth place, receiving $1,000 from Saipan Marine Corporation.

In fifth place was Hopwood Middle School with 49 points, also receiving $1,000 from Saipan Marine Corporation.

Kagman High School came in sixth place, with 35 points, earning $1,000 from Hao’s Air Conditioning and CMI.

Participants of the Adopt-a-Median Program were also recognized during the awards ceremony.

They are the Kanoa Football Club and Beach Road Tourism Development, Inc. for the adoption of the Garapan core highway medians; the Office of the 22nd House Minority for the Isa Drive/San Vicente median and San Vicente Parish parking lot; LJ’s Lawncare, LLC for the Garapan sidewalk curbs; the Saipan mayor’s office for the Toyota Intersection and Quartermaster Road medians; Shirley’s Coffee Shop and the Shirley’s Football Club for the Middle Road/Garapan intersection and medians; the Tan Holdings Football Club for the Guma Sakman medians; the Saipan Marianas Lions Club for the Chalan Kiya medians; Team Chalan Piao for the Chalan Piao medians; Century Tours, Inc., Century Hotel, Sea Touch, iShop, and POI Aviation for the Mobil Kagman intersection medians; D&Q International Distributors for the Sadog Tasi intersection median; Life in the Son Christian Fellowship-Saipan for the Gualo Rai medians; the Northern Marianas College for the Chalan Monsignor Guerrero medians; the Northern Marianas Sports Association for the Oleai Sports Complex parking lot and curbs; Marianas High School for the Marianas Visitors Authority sidewalks and the Dandan Children’s Park parking lot; Joeten-Kiyu Public Library and Pacifica Insurance Underwriters for the Susupe medians across World Resort and for the JKPL parking lot; Saint Trading Company, the Saipan Magalahi Eagles Club, and the Mt. Carmel Choir for the Mt. Carmel Church sidewalks and parking lot; Hopwood Middle School for their school curbs; the Commonwealth Bureau of Military Affairs for the Commonwealth Economic Development Authority parking lot, and the Tinian Elementary School Student Government and Youth Advisory Panel for the school’s sidewalks across the public library and health center.

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