ISLAS Marianas, led by captain Alex Sablan, won awards in three separate categories in the 38th Saipan International Fishing Derby on Saturday at Smiling Cove Marina.

Islas Marianas earned third prize in the skipjack category  for reeling in a 17.3-pound catch. In second place was Marilyn Monroe with a skipjack weighing at 17.4 pounds while San Juan claimed first place with an 18-pound skipjack.

In the yellowfin tuna category, Islas Marianas placed second with a catch weighing at 24.4 pounds while Defiance finished third with a 16.5-pound catch.

Robalo topped the category with a whopping 125.5-pound tuna and broke the over 30-year-old NMI record  of 106 pounds.

According to the tournament organizer, the Saipan Fisherman’s Association, if a crew hauls in a record-breaking catch in the yellowfin or skipjack category,  they will be awarded with $2,500 in cash which Robalo  received during the awards ceremony Sunday at the Pacific Islands Club Saipan.

As for Islas Marianas, they also won a prize for the combined weight of the fish they caught which was 37.5 pounds.

Joining the winner’s circle was MV Tivana which hauled in a wahoo weighing 22.9 pounds. MV Tivana’s story was about never quitting as they stayed out  until past 6 p.m. before getting the winning catch.

In second place was St. Christopher with a wahoo weighing at 15.3 pounds while Maya finished third with a 13.8-pound catch.

A total of 88 boats entered this year’s competition.

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